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Lifter's Name Alyssa Pigram Gender F
Club --- State VIC
Coach Toni Lane
Age Group Under 15 Weightlifting Age 15 (Born 2007)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Geelong Youth GP245.4017234020/10/201766.332UNGRADED
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP443.05(+2) 19(+1) 24(+3) 4317/12/201774.593UNGRADED
Victorian Open School League Round 147.68(+4) 23(+6) 30(+10) 5329/03/201884.457UNGRADED
Geelong Youth GP 146.5020254513/04/201873.170UNGRADED
Geelong Open & Youth GP 348.80(+1) 24(+3) 33(+4) 5721/04/201889.183UNGRADED
Victorian Youth & Under 15 Championships47.772437(+4) 6128/04/201897.060UNGRADED
Geelong Youth GP 448.90(+3) 27(+-2) 35(+1) 6220/05/201896.852UNGRADED
Barwon Open & Youth GP 350.30036023/06/20180.000UNGRADED
AWF U15 & U17 Championships51.502434587/07/201887.099UNGRADED
Victorian School Championships incl League Round 354.80(+2) 29(+3) 40(+7) 6919/10/201899.069UNGRADED
Geelong School Championships & Geelong Open55.00(+2) 31(+1) 41(+3) 7214/12/2018103.113UNGRADED
VWA School League 158.10(+1) 32(+1) 42(+2) 7422/03/2019102.096UNGRADED
Victorian Age Championships (U23/Jnr/Yth/U15)54.95(+4) 36(+1) 43(+5) 7925/05/2019113.209UNGRADED
Bendigo Open55.00(+6) 42(+5) 48(+11) 909/11/2019128.891K

Competition Attempts

Geelong Youth GP245.4015161720222317234020/10/2017
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP443.0517192020222419244317/12/2017
Victorian Open School League Round 147.6820222326283023305329/03/2018
Geelong Youth GP 146.5018192023242520254513/04/2018
Geelong Open & Youth GP 348.8021232428313324335721/04/2018
Victorian Youth & Under 15 Championships47.7724262633353724376128/04/2018
Geelong Youth GP 448.9024262735383827356220/05/2018
Barwon Open & Youth GP 350.3026343637036023/06/2018
AWF U15 & U17 Championships51.502426273436382434587/07/2018
Victorian School Championships incl League Round 354.8027282936384029406919/10/2018
Geelong School Championships & Geelong Open55.0028303139414331417214/12/2018
VWA School League 158.1030323239424232427422/03/2019
Victorian Age Championships (U23/Jnr/Yth/U15)54.9532343641434536437925/05/2019
Bendigo Open55.003840424446484248909/11/2019

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1389%80%86%
Higher Events (National/International)133%33%33%
All Events (Overall)1482%81%82%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful0kg - 12 events-1kg - 13 events
When missed-1kg - 1 events0kg - 0 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
TOTAL43F44VICYouth17/Dec/2017Current Record
CJ30F48VICU2329/Mar/2018Broken by Alyssa Pigram
SNATCH23F48VICU2329/Mar/2018Broken by Alyssa Pigram
TOTAL53F48VICU2329/Mar/2018Broken by Alyssa Pigram
CJ40F55VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Alyssa Pigram
SNATCH29F55VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Alyssa Pigram
TOTAL69F55VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Alyssa Pigram
CJ43F55VICUnder 1525/May/2019Broken by Alyssa Pigram
SNATCH36F55VICUnder 1525/May/2019Broken by Alyssa Pigram
TOTAL79F55VICUnder 1525/May/2019Broken by Alyssa Pigram
CJ48F55VICUnder 1509/Nov/2019Current Record
SNATCH42F55VICUnder 1509/Nov/2019Current Record
TOTAL90F55VICUnder 1509/Nov/2019Current Record
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