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Lifter's Name Monique Brooks Gender F
Club Crossfit Agema State TAS
Age Group U23 Weightlifting Age 22 (Born 2000)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Cliff Joyce Memorial and President's Cup Round 658.863350836/10/2018113.538UNGRADED
WTI Senior Championships & PC361.30(+12) 45(+7) 57(+19) 1026/04/2019135.953K
WTI U15/U17 Championships & PC562.48(+1) 46(+5) 62(+6) 10827/07/2019142.261J
PC6 - Ulver62.364665(+3) 1117/09/2019146.386J
Cliff Joyce Memorial & PC761.82456611119/10/2019147.173J
Presidents Cup Final60.2045661117/12/2019149.650J
WTI Junior + U23 Championships + PC262.56(+4) 50(+-1) 65(+4) 11514/03/2020151.363I
WTI U15 + U17 Championships + PC463.96(+1) 51(+-1) 65(+1) 11618/07/2020150.652I
President Cup Final + PC763.90(+4) 55(+4) 70(+9) 1255/12/2020162.431I
WTI U20 & U23 Championships & PC163.6551681196/02/2021154.998I
WTI U15 & U17 Championships & PC262.40557012515/05/2021164.784I
WTI Masters Championships & PC363.34557012519/06/2021163.293I
WTI Presidents Cup Final & PC664.75(+1) 56(+2) 72(+3) 1284/12/2021165.033I

Competition Attempts

Cliff Joyce Memorial and President's Cup Round 658.863033364547503350836/10/2018
WTI Senior Championships & PC361.3040434555575745571026/04/2019
WTI U15/U17 Championships & PC562.48404346586062466210827/07/2019
PC6 - Ulver62.3643464860636546651117/09/2019
Cliff Joyce Memorial & PC761.82434548626466456611119/10/2019
Presidents Cup Final60.2045454562646645661117/12/2019
WTI Junior + U23 Championships + PC262.56475050636565506511514/03/2020
WTI U15 + U17 Championships + PC463.96494951596265516511618/07/2020
President Cup Final + PC763.9051535565687055701255/12/2020
WTI U20 & U23 Championships & PC163.6548515462656851681196/02/2021
WTI U15 & U17 Championships & PC262.40505355687070557012515/05/2021
WTI Masters Championships & PC363.34535555687072557012519/06/2021
WTI Presidents Cup Final & PC664.7554565670727456721284/12/2021

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1380%82%81%
Higher Events (National/International)0---
All Events (Overall)1374%87%81%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-1kg - 10 events-2kg - 12 events
When missed-1kg - 2 events0kg - 0 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ50F59TASJunior06/Oct/2018Broken by Katie Stanton
CJ50F59TASSenior06/Oct/2018Broken by Jennifer Carter
CJ50F59TASU2306/Oct/2018Broken by Jennifer Carter
SNATCH33F59TASJunior06/Oct/2018Broken by Katie Stanton
SNATCH33F59TASSenior06/Oct/2018Broken by Jennifer Carter
SNATCH33F59TASU2306/Oct/2018Broken by Jennifer Carter
TOTAL83F59TASJunior06/Oct/2018Broken by Katie Stanton
TOTAL83F59TASSenior06/Oct/2018Broken by Jennifer Carter
TOTAL83F59TASU2306/Oct/2018Broken by Jennifer Carter
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