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Lifter's Name Lionel Isaac Gender M
Club Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania State TAS
Age Group Mast 65-69 Weightlifting Age 68 (Born 1954)

Personal Bests


Competition History

WTI U15/U17 Championships & PC566.20537312627/07/2019171.868UNGRADED
Presidents Cup Final66.70(+2) 55(+2) 75(+4) 1306/12/2019176.479K
WTI U15 + U17 Championships + PC466.92(+3) 58(+2) 77(+5) 13518/07/2020182.887K
WTI U20 & U23 Championships & PC166.9057751326/02/2021178.856K
IWF Masters Championships66.45(+1) 59(+3) 80(+4) 13921/05/2021189.147K
WTI Masters Championships & PC366.72587813619/06/2021184.590K

Competition Attempts

WTI U15/U17 Championships & PC566.20475053657073537312627/07/2019
Presidents Cup Final66.7049525569737555751306/12/2019
WTI U15 + U17 Championships + PC466.92535658727577587713518/07/2020
WTI U20 & U23 Championships & PC166.9053575968727557751326/02/2021
IWF Masters Championships66.45545759747780598013921/05/2021
WTI Masters Championships & PC366.72505558707578587813619/06/2021

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events595%100%97%
Higher Events (National/International)1100%100%100%
All Events (Overall)694%100%97%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-4kg - 5 events-5kg - 5 events
When missed0kg - 0 events0kg - 0 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ75M67TASMast 65-6906/Dec/2019Broken by Lionel Isaac
SNATCH55M67TASMast 65-6906/Dec/2019Broken by Lionel Isaac
TOTAL130M67TASMast 65-6906/Dec/2019Broken by Lionel Isaac
CJ77M67AWFMast 65-6918/Jul/2020Broken by Lionel Isaac
CJ77M67TASMast 65-6918/Jul/2020Broken by Lionel Isaac
SNATCH58M67AWFMast 65-6918/Jul/2020Current Record
SNATCH58M67TASMast 65-6918/Jul/2020Current Record
TOTAL135M67AWFMast 65-6918/Jul/2020Broken by Lionel Isaac
TOTAL135M67TASMast 65-6918/Jul/2020Broken by Lionel Isaac
CJ78M67AWFMast 65-6919/Jun/2021Current Record
CJ78M67TASMast 65-6919/Jun/2021Current Record
TOTAL136M67AWFMast 65-6919/Jun/2021Current Record
TOTAL136M67TASMast 65-6919/Jun/2021Current Record
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